Stormy Seaside

Last weekend we managed to escape to the seaside for a few days, our first proper holiday since the COVID pandemic and lockdowns hit the UK. We had hoped to heading up to Scotland to visit family with our 2 weeks off but the new COVID restrictions put paid to that. So we decided to head to the coast for a few days instead. After some careful consideration of where would be a safe travel destination we finally decided on Scarborough on the North Yorkshire coast being as it was only a couple of hours drive away.

October probably isn’t the best time in the UK to be going to the seaside. Typically for the time of year it rained off and on for most of the weekend, but we didn’t let the rain stop us exploring (raincoats, and bucket & spades were at the ready). We enjoyed our stay regardless of the weather, it was a much needed break for us.

The above photos were taken of the tide coming in on North Bay during heavy rain fall, sadly I didn’t manage to capture any decent shots of the waves crashing against beach walls. It has been a little while since I have taken any seascape photographs, so these aren’t my best work as I’m a little out of practise. The visual effect of the rain storm coming in to land from the sea looked impressive and moody, which I’m not sure I did the scene justice with these shots.

Most of the photos taken during this visit to Scarborough are of the beach, I’m saving some of my other shots for another post(s)…so stay tuned.


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