Winter Walk

This is my first photo post in quite some time. To be honest it’s my first attempt at photography after recent events (if you exclude taking photos of the cat).

Last week brought a cold spell here in the UK that I wasn’t quite expecting or prepared for. With that came a decent amount of snowfall, between 10-13 inches in parts. When it snows or we have any sort of adverse weather I’m so glad that I work from home these days. These are just a small collection of shots that I captured while out for a walk around our neighbourhood. We ventured out for some fresh air (which may or may not have included a visit to our local pub for some lunch). They’re not up to my usual photographic standard, as they were very much quick snap shot captures while out walking. I have shared some cropped versions of a few of these on my Instagram account, which I might actually prefer the cropped versions. I’m not actually sure why I’m sharing these if I’m not 100% happy with them. I think part of me feels that a more recent photo post was well over due. So this was my attempt at getting back behind the camera to create something to share.

Winter in the Park

Think I may have explored every inch of our local park over the last 12 months. As it has become the source of our exercise, outdoor escape, and photographic inspiration.

The park goes through many changes during the seasons, some subtle and some not so much. From the daffodils in bloom in Spring, the wildflowers in Summer, the grass showered in the golden leaves of Autumn, to the frozen landscapes & stick figure trees in Winter.

In Winter especially when it snows the park becomes a Winter Wonderland. I love how the snow frames the stream that runs along the edge of the park and how the trees look almost like silhouettes against the blankets of snow.

Winter may not be my favourite season, but snow brings me a little flurry of joy amidst the Winter blues. #MomentsOfJoy