Life has distracted me a from my photography and updating my blog in recent months. The last year has had its up & downs. Recent events has taken its toll on me emotionally.

On the 18th December 2022 during a short stay in hospital my Dad passed away unexpectedly due to complications with an existing heart condition. Nothing could have prepared us for that day. Our hearts are broken & the world grew a little darker.

I’m not exactly sure why I feel the need to write this update to my photography blog, as it’s not exactly photography related. But I feel as if I should explain my increased lack of engagement with my blog of late. Maybe it will help me to deal with recent events.

I’ve not picked up my DSLR in over 6 months and any photography I have mustered recently has been mobile snapshots. I’m not dismissing mobile photography, it’s a medium I’m becoming more & more happy with as mobile phone camera technology advances. I particularly like my trusty iPhone 12 Pro (yes I’m an Apple geek).

I’m hoping as we move into Spring and the weather warms up I will be inspired to venture out on photo expectations again. I have vague ideas for new photo collection themes but the inspiration is alluding me at present. Which along with recent events have contributed to my absence from photography lately.

Hopefully I will have some more photography work to post in the near future.