Just down from where we live if you follow the tram tracks on Park Grange road, between Arbourthorne Road and Park Grange tram stops you get an excellent skyline of the city. Looking out over the south eastern part of the city.


Here we are in the Arbourthorne ward of the city, which covers the districts of: Arbourthorne, Gleadless, and Norfolk Park. From this view you can Look out towards Sheffield United’s home ground of Bramall Lane as well as being able to see other Sheffield landmarks.


I think that this is one of many views in Sheffield that shows the city at its best. A good mix of both industrial and green areas merging together. When I say merging I don’t mean the industrial/urban areas taking over the green areas. Sheffield has adapted very well to being able to preserve it’s green areas to complement its growing industrial/urban areas, providing the city of Steel with some fantastic ruralesque views without leaving the city.


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