Damflask Reservoir

At the moment here in England COVID-19 lockdown restrictions have been eased slightly. Allowing us to travel a little further to exercise, as long as we all continue to social distance. So yesterday was the first time since lockdown began in the UK (23rd March 2020) that we have ventured further than our local parks for a walk and take in some fresh air.

As I had already booked the Bank-Holiday Monday as annual leave we decided to visit Damflask Reservoir, which is situated in the Loxely valley of Sheffield.  Unlike most bank holidays we were treated to great weather (the world clearly has gone mad lol). We definitely managed to get some exercise. I think was the furthest that we have walked in one outing during lockdown so far.

Damflask is another one of these places that is practically on our doorstep that neither my wife or I have visited before. Definitely worth a return visit at some time in the future.

Considering the current social distancing and the hot weather that we had yesterday the reservoir and surrounding woods wasn’t overly busy. People were definitely doing their best to social distance unlike further down south if we are to believe the stories reported in the news.


Brodsworth Hall

Ecclesall Woods

Beast from the East

Last week saw much of the UK under a blanket of snow caused by what is being nicknamed “The Beast from the East”, bringing at least some parts of the country to a stand still or at least a mild panic that there might be a sudden shortage of bread & milk.

Usually I mock the people of Yorkshire when there is the mere hint of snow. Although on this occasion I shall let them off as it did nearly get to Scottish standards.

Sadly I did not have much opportunity to capture the picturesque scenes that this sudden snowfall had created. Although some may have you believe that with the first hint of snow we all must stockpile milk & bread, and in the madness forget how to drive safely, life does still go on and we must all still go to work. These are just a few of the scenes that I managed to capture.


Autumn Woodland

Autumn is upon us once more. I wanted to capture some of this years autumn colours in their glory and what better place to do this than in woodland so I decided to explore the woodland within nearby Graves Park. The park has so much to offer all year round, from the grassy lawns, woodland and animal park it makes it the perfect place to capture nature throughout the seasons.

I had attempted some photos earlier in the year of the woodland, but they did not not turn out as good as I had hoped. The woodland thrives in Autumn an is more atmospheric showcasing the many different colours and hues of Autumn.

Under the canopy of the trees the woodland can be quite dark, which is why my previous attempt did not fair so well as this endeavour. On this occasion I to captured a few different subjects which I shall share in later posts.

I feel quite lucky that we stay so close to Graves Park, no longer have to trek to the other side of the city. All in all feel lucky that we are surrounded by much more parks etc than where we lived before. As much as living in the city has it benefits it is nice to be able to withdraw to a less urban environment.

I feel I shall have many more photographic expeditions to Graves Park during the various seasons to capture what this natural wonderland has to offer.

Kelham Island

Kelham Island is a reminder of Sheffield’s industrial era, which is now home to Kelham Island Museum, Kelham Island Brewery, as well as many other Sheffield businesses.

Kelham Island, now one of Sheffield’s designated Quarters was once an industrial area. The island was created by building a mill race which was fed from the river Don to serve water wheels which powered workshops in the area. On the site of Kelham Island sitting in pride of place is the largest surviving Bessemer Converter, paying homage to the steel production that Sheffield is so famous for. In 1982 Kelham Island Museum was opened, to celebrate and as a reminder of Sheffield’s steel making and industrial past. The museum houses reconstructed workshops from the city’s industrial hay-day.

As an adopted Sheffielder I have learned much about the industrial past of the area from the museum.


I spent the afternoon yesterday at Graves Park, Sheffield. After all the cold weather we have had it’s nice to see some of the spring flowers out in bloom. Graves Park spans between the Sheffield Districts of Woodseats, Norton, and Meadowhead covering 91.9 hectares. The park includes thousand year old woodland, as well as an animal park, golf course, and bowling green.

The Crucible

One of the most recognisable sights of Sheffield is the Crucible Theatre on Norfolk Street, which is probably best know by people outside of Sheffield as the home of the UK Snooker Championships.  The main entrance faces on to Tudor Square, which is also home to another of Sheffield’s grand theatres, The Lyceum.




At night the lights from the Crucible light up Tudor Square making it one of the most recognisable building in Sheffield centre at night.

Colours of Autumn

I forgot how much I love Autumn. I may not be a fan of the cold that the Autumn and Winter months bring us, but when the sun is shining on a warm Autumn’s day it brings to life the colours of Autumn. As natures greens turns to golds, reds, and browns, giving us the last hint of warmth before Winter sets in.



St Aiden’s

Although I am not overly religious some of my favourite places to visit are churches and churchyards. Maybe its because they are generally quiet and restful places. St Aiden’s in Sheffield will always hold a special place in my heart as it is the church where I got married.

Urban Decay

[Woodbourn Hill, Sheffield]
Everyone has a different view on how they perceive graffiti: is it street art? or not? Personally my view is dependent on the quality of the graffiti. There are some amazing examples around Sheffield of what I classify to be street art.

Highland Fling 2015

[Graves Park, Sheffield]
The perfect way to spend a May Day Bank Holiday is at Sheffield’s Highland Fling at Graves Park. I was able to attend this event for the 3rd year in a row. As always it was a great day out for all the family. It always amazes me that this is a free event setup by Sheffield City Council every year.

The highland cattle are always my favourite of attractions at the Highland Fling. Every year they have some fine specimens of cattle to bring along.

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