Autumn Woodland

Autumn is upon us once more. I wanted to capture some of this years autumn colours in their glory and what better place to do this than in woodland so I decided to explore the woodland within nearby Graves Park. The park has so much to offer all year round, from the grassy lawns, woodland and animal park it makes it the perfect place to capture nature throughout the seasons.

I had attempted some photos earlier in the year of the woodland, but they did not not turn out as good as I had hoped. The woodland thrives in Autumn an is more atmospheric showcasing the many different colours and hues of Autumn.

Under the canopy of the trees the woodland can be quite dark, which is why my previous attempt did not fair so well as this endeavour. On this occasion I to captured a few different subjects which I shall share in later posts.

I feel quite lucky that we stay so close to Graves Park, no longer have to trek to the other side of the city. All in all feel lucky that we are surrounded by much more parks etc than where we lived before. As much as living in the city has it benefits it is nice to be able to withdraw to a less urban environment.

I feel I shall have many more photographic expeditions to Graves Park during the various seasons to capture what this natural wonderland has to offer.

Colours of Autumn

I forgot how much I love Autumn. I may not be a fan of the cold that the Autumn and Winter months bring us, but when the sun is shining on a warm Autumn’s day it brings to life the colours of Autumn. As natures greens turns to golds, reds, and browns, giving us the last hint of warmth before Winter sets in.



Back to Nature

I decided that it was about time that I got outside and took more photos. It’s been a little while since I last did any proper nature shots. Although I live in a city I am surround by farmland less than a 2 minute walk from my door. So thought I should take advantage of that.RuralPrint09Ok so I did venture a little further than a 2 minute walk from my door for these shots. I walked up to the farmland near to where Newhills Church is. You can get quite a good vantage point from up there looking of the community. It is also quite peaceful as well. Although I do live in the city I forget how fortunate I am to live so near to countryside. Within minutes I can find myself submerged in nature, farmland and the beauty that those surroundings bring with it.RuralPrint010It is this beauty that brought me to photography and to a renewed view on life. A reminder not to take your surroundings for granted, in fact don’t take life for granted. We should all take at least a minute every so often to take in the beauty that is all around us.

Burning Sunset

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