March Snowfall

Some more photos taken during the snowfall a few weeks ago. These shots unlike the ones I shared in my last post were slightly more planned. They were taken while we were out walking round one of our local parks. Although it may not look like it in these shots, the snow had started to thaw. Causing the small stream that runs along the edge of the park to burst its banks and flood part of the park. Turning what is usually a grassy meadow into a pond. Now that all the snow has gone it’s hard to believe these Wintery scenes were only a few weeks ago. Snow in March seems to becoming the trend over recent years, the last blast of Winter before Spring is allowed to burst into full bloom.

I’ve still not been out much with my camera (apart from to take these shots) or spent much time on my photography. My mind & time has been a little preoccupied with life & personal events. Hopefully life will settle down a bit and I will have the opportunity & motivation to work more on my photography.


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