Burford is a small medieval town situated in Oxfordshire, England, 20miles west of Oxford. It is considered to be the southern gateway to the Cotswolds.Since my first visit to Burford back in 2003 it has become one of my favorite places in England and will always hold a special place in my heart. Burford for me is so full of inspiration and tranquility. The ideal place to get away from everything, the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Soak in the history and countryside of such a beautiful little town.I have taken many photos of this beautiful Cotswold town on my various visits and written several posts with photos that I have taken.These recent photographs were taken back in July this year when visiting my best friend to celebrate their youngest sons Christening.

Normally when I take photos in Burford they tend to focus round Burford Church and its graveyard. I know that sounds grim. So this time I decided to focus on the high street.Though I did venture down Sheep Street, which I admit I normally pass by. The beautiful building continue along this quaint Cotswold street. Aptly named as it medieval times it was used for taking sheep to market. It is nice to see a place where some of the old buildings still reside intact.

Already looking forward to my next visit.


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