Time Away

It has been a while since my last post, in fact it feels like forever ago. Not only has it been some time since I published my previous post, but I have not been out & about with my camera either. It wasn’t my intention to take some time out from my site or photography. Sometimes life just happens.

I often wonder how bloggers who manage to blog daily or weekly manage it. Maybe it depends on the content that your creating, and/or the reason that you blog. Even when I have posted more frequently, I would struggle to post everyday. To be fair I struggle to stick to any kind of frequent schedule when posting, which I’m sure is frowned upon in the blogging world. I post when I post, and I’m sure that’s not the way to attract readers/retain followers, but I mostly blog for me, and it’s a bonus if people like my posts and want to follow my site.

This year has provided me with some big changes (good ones) & some unexpected twists. So I guess I have been a little distracted of late. Earlier in the year I decided to make a big career change, after 15 years in the same industry. So, I’m hoping now with a much better work/life balance I will have more time for photography and to get out exploring.

Watch this space for potentially some new/different photo themes than my usual photo work…


One thought on “Time Away

  1. We all need a break from the blogging world occasionally. Don’t be concerned about a set schedule if it takes the fun out of blogging. Looking forward to your photos whenever you can post. 😊


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