Nikon School: Free Courses

Stuck for something to do during lockdown while we’re stuck in the house? Why not learn a new skill or add to an existing skill set. One of my good friends brought this to my attention so thought I would share it. Nikon has generously provided their Nikon School: Online classes, free until the end of April. Whether your a beginner or a more advanced photographer I’m sure you can find a course that will interest you.

One of my favourite courses available is the “Discovering Macro Photography” by Joey Terrill. Below is just a very small sample of the courses available.

I’m a Nikon user myself anyway, regardless I think this is a good move on Nikon’s part (I’m aware they are not the only organisation to offer free learning courses). During this time of uncertainty while we are all spend more time at home it’s a good way to help keep us occupied and keep our little grey cells working…..Thank you Nikon.


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