Stray Visitor

This post is a change of subject from my usual photo posts. Adding a new photo category to my photo collections, which I’ve decided for the moment to call “Catnip & Whiskers”. I have toyed with the idea for some time whether I should even include this subject in my photo blog/site. My most recent photography subjects have focused on nature & wildlife. As always I find it hard to stick to just one genre of photography. I photograph what interests me.

These particular shots date back to 2021, during one of our many COVID lockdowns.

How it all started…during one of these lockdowns we noticed a small black & white cat visiting our garden. We started to notice this furry visitor more & more each day as she started to hang around our garden to the point where she wouldn’t leave. She was incredibly friendly & unlike most neighbourhood cats she didn’t run away if you tried to approach her.

I’m a soft touch when it comes to animals (especially cats) so I’d spend time in the garden with her & we started to feed her. She looked in fairly good condition, if a bit thin, and supported a tatty looking collar that was falling off. It became apparent over the weeks that followed that she was a stray (or at least had recently became a stray). She started to take up residence in our garden, sleeping in one of our sheds (which is constantly open). We managed to check if she was micro-chipped (which she wasn’t) and posted notices on various lost & found pet notice boards & online communities in the hope of reuniting her with her owner, but no one came forward to claim her. As we got to know her more and gain her trust more needless to say she provide me with photographic inspiration as well as company. Hence why I’ve decided to start sharing some of these photos as part of my photography blog.

As the months went on (now almost 2 years later) it’s safe to say she has adopted us. We may never know what happened to her previous owner (did they move away & not take her? Did they pass away?).