Lowedges Fireworks

Last night was the Lowedges/Greenhill Community Bonfire & Fireworks display, organised by the Lowedges Community Group to celebrate Bonfire Night. The event was held at the Meadowhead Transport Ground on Greenhill Main Road. The evening looked to be a success for the organisers and everyone seemed to enjoy the evening, we definitely had a great time.

Night photography is not my speciality and its a genre I haven’t really been able to master. Saying that I wanted to have a go and attempt to capture the fireworks put on display for our entertainment. I am actually really proud my above photo, my best from the whole evening.

I much prefer professionally organised firework events to private firework displays. I am against the general public being able to purchase fireworks for various reasons, mostly the safety aspect. Like previous events we have been to organised by the Lowedges Community group this event was really well organised, and one of the best displays I have been to.

The evening definitely gave me the chance to practise some night photography in my attempt to capture the evening fireworks and festivities. I also got some good photos of the bonfire, which I shall save for another post.