This was my first shoot with model Philippa, my aim was for a more fashion styled shoot on this occasion.

I feel that the shoot went well although it had been a very long day as I had another shoot that morning with a different model before Philippa. The earlier shoot did not go to plan as the model did not turn up, but another model that I have worked with recently stepped in at the last minute to save the day. So all in all I have a productive day in the studio.

One thing that I have learned, never again am I doing two model shoots in the same day, especially without any help. As it was very tiring, it was fun but was glad to get home. Then realising you have twice as many photos to look over, and trying to finish within the same timescale for both models. Thank god the first model wasn’t in a rush for her shots that’s all I can say. I definitely need to plan my time more realistically if I’m to do multiple shoots in one day.

Kitte Corpse

PortraitPrint15I had a shoot with alt model Kittie Corpse the other day. She’s one of the few alternative models based in the north-east. Was excited that she wanted to work with me as I love alternative art styles and the whole gothic style. The shoot was cut short unfortunately due to Kittie being ill. So it wasn’t the best shoot that I’ve ever done. Didn’t get to try half the ideas I had for the shoot, but I’m happy with what I achieved in a limited time, with very few shots.

There is definitely a need for more alternative models in the north-east. The scene has become more popular in recent years but there a still very few alt models here. The alt scene itself seems to boost then die up here, its never constant. Which is a shame.


I had my first proper model shoot on Wednesday with Claire, I was so nervous. Partly because it was my first model shoot, but also because I had never met Claire before. I’m not the best when it comes to meeting new people.I had looked at Claire’s website before we worked together when we were arranging her shoot. She seemed really professional, which on the one hand was great, but on the other it made me worry that she would be too professional for someone just starting out like myself. That she would think that my photography was not good enough. Anyway I had decided that we would do an outdoor shoot, that way it was relaxed for both of us. We had both decided that we would do the shoot at the Duthie Park as it was easy to get to and would provide us with some interesting backdrops for the shoot.

I should not have worried at all, she was one of the most down-to-earth people that I have ever met. She made my first model shoot seem so effortless. She was very professional but very friendly at the same time. She came prepared with a few outfit changes which made it easy to try different styles. Although I didn’t have to give much direction she was willing to listen to my ideas as well as in put her own.

Luckily we got good weather on the day for an outdoor shoot. One beauty of the Duthie Park is that its so big and so many different features it made coming up with new ideas for shots and styles easy. We also made use of the indoor winter gardens as well. We managed to achieve a few different styles that worked quite well together.

For my very first model shoot I have to say that it went very well, though I do say so myself. I am very pleased with the shots that I got from it, they will add nicely to my portfolio. If I ever doubted myself that I could do this, then this is the proof that I can make my photography work and that it is appreciated by other people and not just myself.

I definitely would like to work with Claire again sometime on future shoots. Hopefully this is the start of many portrait shoots to come.