Living In Lockdown

In 2020 we all found ourselves in a global pandemic as the result of the COVID-19 virus. I wanted to capture & document these unusual times in my own photographic style. So I created this photo-documentary project: #LivingInLockdown

#LivingInLockdown is a small glimpse into life during the COVID pandemic. It is completely from my own view point & how I have seen the world around me.

Throughout my #LivingInLockdown project I have followed our Governments COVID Guidelines to keep myself & others safe. All photos & views are my own.

On the 23rd March 2020 the UK Government placed the UK in to a state of national lockdown due to the emerging COVID-19 pandemic. This was to be the first of many national & local COVID-19 lockdowns in the UK.

Along with other countries all around the world we found ourselves in unprecedented times of social distancing & social isolation in order to curb the COVID-19 virus.

The UK Government ordered Non-essential shops, pubs and restaurants to close and the people of the UK to STAY AT HOME with the exception of essential travel (work, essential shopping, & daily exercise). Which left our streets baron and our towns & cities like ghost towns.

At the request of the Government businesses big and small adapted to allow their workforces work from home where possible. The Furlough Scheme was brought in for workers and business who were not able to work/trade due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

Lockdowns in England

23rd Mar’20 – 15th Jun’20
5th Nov’20 – 2nd Dec’20
5th Jan’21 – 29th Mar’21

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched everyone’s lives in so many ways & the story is clearly far from over as we find ourselves with yet more national lockdowns & restrictions

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Lockdown & Me

The tenth instalment of my #LivingInLockdown series, which I have debated for some time over publishing this particular post. I have written & rewritten it countless times in my head. This entry is more personal than my previous #LivingInLockdown posts, I wanted to document how … More Lockdown & Me