Time Away

It has been a while since my last post, in fact it feels like forever ago. Not only has it been some time since I published my previous post, but I have not been out & about with my camera either. It wasn’t my intention to take some time out from my site or photography. Sometimes life just happens.

I often wonder how bloggers who manage to blog daily or weekly manage it. Maybe it depends on the content that your creating, and/or the reason that you blog. Even when I have posted more frequently, I would struggle to post everyday. To be fair I struggle to stick to any kind of frequent schedule when posting, which I’m sure is frowned upon in the blogging world. I post when I post, and I’m sure that’s not the way to attract readers/retain followers, but I mostly blog for me, and it’s a bonus if people like my posts and want to follow my site.

This year has provided me with some big changes (good ones) & some unexpected twists. So I guess I have been a little distracted of late. Earlier in the year I decided to make a big career change, after 15 years in the same industry. So, I’m hoping now with a much better work/life balance I will have more time for photography and to get out exploring.

Watch this space for potentially some new/different photo themes than my usual photo work…

Squirrel in the Woods

There is no denying that Squirrels are one of my favourite woodland creatures. Living so close to several woodland habitats provides me with many opportunities to watch & photograph these amazing creatures in their natural environment.

At some point I would love the opportunity to be able to photograph Red Squirrels. Although Red Squirrels are the native species here in the UK, there are only estimated to a population of approx 140,000 compared to an estimate of 2.5 million Grey Squirrels. It’s sad to think that in England alone the Wildlife Trust believes that Red Squirrels could become extinct within the next 10 years.