Drumstick Primula

Memories of Spring…taken earlier this year while exploring a local woodland garden. These Drumstick Primula’s (Primula denticulata) caught my eye, their delicate white flowers highlighted by the Spring sunshine through the trees.

Two of my favourite seasons are Spring and Summer. Seeing nature spring back into life and burst with colour again as the weather begins to warm up after the colder Winter months always lightens my mood.

As we now slowly move in to Autumn I thought I would look back at some of the photos that I had taken earlier in the year, that I’ve not had the chance to share until now.

Woodland Feast

A slightly overdue post due to not having been out exploring much with the camera lately. So another collection from my archives.

Anyone who is a regular follower of my photography will know that squirrels are my favourite woodland animal. These particular shots were taken during last Autumn. Although Summer is my favourite season of the year, I love the colours of Autumn, especially when exploring woodland. Being able to capture some shots of this little fellow in the splendour of the Autumn golds and browns was magnificent. His own colours complement and blend well with the Autumn hues.

Hopefully as Summer approaches and the world returns to a resemblance of “normal” times I will be able to find more time and motivation for photographic expeditions.

Ecclesall Woods

First Sign of Spring

Ecclesall Woods, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

It’s almost the end of March and a visit to Ecclesall Woods in Sheffield is like stepping back in to Autumn. There are only a few signs that Spring is upon us.

Woodland Gold

It’s late March and we’re in the early stages of Spring, yet some of our woodland landscapes still look as if we’re deep in the throws of Autumn.

Autumn Leaves

A few more shots from my expedition to the woodland in Graves Park at the start of November. This time taking a closer look at the leaves and woodland foliage.

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