Dandeion Timeclocks

On a typical Sunday trip to the in-laws back in May. One of those days where we actually thought we might get some summer weather this year I had decided to take my camera with me and capture some photos along the way.

Haven’t had a lot of time lately to collate all the photos that I have taken recently from my various mini photo excursions. Thought it was about time that I should post these one up, only 2 months late.

Anyway the May sunshine highlighted the beauty of the surrounding plant life, encouraging me to capture some of it. Although Dandelions are weeds I still think that they look quite nice especially when they mature into the spherical seed heads that you can see in my shots above.

As I develop my photography I am finding that I quite enjoy botanical photography. As much as enjoying photography other subjects, there is a relaxation quality to this subject.

I do think there are probably very few subjects that I would get bored photographing if I’m honest. Some subjects seem to suit different moods.


Last week I had a shoot with a new model called Corinna, who is new to modelling but wanted some shots done.

This shoot was one of the most fun shoots I’ve done to date so far. Though have to say it didn’t really feel like a shoot. Think because there was a natural flow of conversation. Also the shoot kind of turned in to a drinking session thanks to Corinna finding a bottle of Jack. Thanks…lol. Yes not very professional I know, but it was a laugh.

We did manage stay sober enough to get some great shots. Think I owe her a bottle jack lol. Looking forward to us doing another shoot, though maybe without jack.

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