Shopping in Lockdown

My fifth instalment of #LivingInLockdown, another glimpse in to life during COVID-19 lockdown in the UK.

One of the few occasions that we’re allowed to venture out in to the big world outside of our homes…shopping!!! Where even people who would normally hate the ideal of shopping are probably rejoicing to be able to pop to the shops. I have to admit I have only been out shopping once since lockdown (as my wife has been doing our weekly shop, so no change there…lol). We needed a few bits that we didn’t get on our usual weekly shop, so nipped to one of our local shopping centres, which inspired this post.

So far from what I have seen most retailers are adhering to our governments social distancing guidelines. Retailers are becoming our fourth emergency service, keeping us all stocked up on provisions. Thankfully most of the panic buying (pasta, toilet roll, etc) appears to be over and the shops seem to be pretty well stocked again (so my wife tells me). Like I said in my last post I think lockdown is becoming the new normal (for just now at least). We are being very British and just getting on with life the best that we can.


Sheffield Christmas Market

[Fargate, Sheffield]
Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas….As we are well in to December it is that time of year again “Tis the season to be jolly” where we prepare for the festive season and stock up on festive treats and some of us dream of a white Christmas.

Our homes and city centres are spruced up with Christmas decorations, the tree is up and “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. It wouldn’t be Christmas with out the traditional Christmas markets.

It is no different in Sheffield, as our Christmas market is in full swing on Fargate in the city centre. If shopping really is not your thing relax in Christmas Bar (The Sleigh Bar) for festive beverages. Even Santa managed to pop in for a seasonal spirit to the Sleigh Bar.

I couldn’t miss the opportunity of getting in to the festive spirit myself with some Christmas photos as Sheffield enjoys their Christmas Market. Hope everyone is have a fun festive season so far and looking forward to a great Christmas with family and friends.

Castle Market

Firstly I know these are by no way my best shots, although I did want to document Sheffield’s Castle Market as shortly it will no longer exist. Construction is already well under way on the city’s The Moor where the market will be relocated as part of the new development. Castle Market got its name as it is built on top of the remains of Sheffield Castle.

The photos I have taken so far are just of the outside, Castle Market is an indoor market. I shall return later before it closes its door to the public to take some photos of the inside of the market itself. While taking these photos a gypsy lady decided to provide us with some entertainment by dancing in the street. Not entirely sure she was 100% sober, but entertaining all the same. Would have been rude not to take a photo of her.