Rother Valley

Several days ago my wife and I visited Rother Valley Country Park, which is situated near the border of Sheffield and Rotherham. I have been here a couple of times now and love it.



The park was opened on 27th May 1983 on the site of an old quarry and covers 740 acres, which includes 4 artificial lakes.


The park hosts its own water-sports and Activity Center, along with a Visitors Center. Even if water-sports is not your thing it is a great place to cycle or just out for a leisurely stroll. The park links in to the Trans Pennine Trail for the more adventurous cyclists and walkers.



Personally I just love the surrounding scenery, this was the perfect trip to capture some of the great views from around the park. Although the park is man made it is not that noticeable and complements the area well. Looking forward to future visits in the summer, maybe even try and capture a sunset over one of the lakes.