Woodland Feast

A slightly overdue post due to not having been out exploring much with the camera lately. So another collection from my archives.

Anyone who is a regular follower of my photography will know that squirrels are my favourite woodland animal. These particular shots were taken during last Autumn. Although Summer is my favourite season of the year, I love the colours of Autumn, especially when exploring woodland. Being able to capture some shots of this little fellow in the splendour of the Autumn golds and browns was magnificent. His own colours complement and blend well with the Autumn hues.

Hopefully as Summer approaches and the world returns to a resemblance of “normal” times I will be able to find more time and motivation for photographic expeditions.

Woodland Squirrel

Taken last month during one of our lockdown walks here are some more shots of my favourite woodland squirrel. This little fellow sat for quite some time allowing me to get as close as I dared without scaring him off. He quite happily sat within touching distance for at least 20mins if not longer watching me take photos of him.

Squirrels are one of my woodland wildlife favourites, though usually they prove quite difficult to photography as they can be quite elusive. Lockdown seems to have tamed them of late, we have also been lucky enough to have a squirrel visit our back garden semi-regularly. Our quieter parks and streets are becoming more inviting to our native wildlife. I hope that nature and our native wildlife will continue to encroach in to our lives after lockdown, sadly I fear that this may not be the case. It has been lovely to witness first-hand some of the wildlife around us up close.

Gray Squirrel

Going out for our daily walks for exercise is giving us plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature and capture little glimpses of our wildlife along the way. This little fellow sat for ages as we watched & took photo of him during our walk the other day. In fact we gave up first and continued with our stroll as he remained sunbathing on his branch that he was clearly very comfortable on.

I have more photos of him or at least another of his friends, which I am saving for another post. Where again he posed for us for at least 20mins straight. The next series of photos we got even closer to this friendly little fellow.

It’s very rare that the squirrels are this tame here, especially since we had no food to offer them. Usually it’s a quick glimpse from a distance. Not sure if it’s because of less people milling around due to social distancing or the warm weather. It’s probably a mix of both. We have been lucky enough to spot a few of them now on our various walks, even have one that visits our own garden. Although is proving more elusive.

Until my next post… #StaySafe everyone.