Autumn Resting Place

As autumn is fading ever faster in to winter I though it was about time that I attempted to capture some of this years autumn colours. Some of my favourite locations to photograph in autumn are cemeteries, so I decided to visit one of our local cemeteries the other day to see what I could capture. Although graveyards can be seen as quite depressing and sad places by the nature of what they represent, I actually quite enjoy visiting graveyards; I find the peacefulness and stillness very relaxing.

From a photographers’ point of view they can also be great places for nature photography as there is usually no one around to bother you or get in the way of taking that perfect shot. Some of the grave stones can provide interesting shapes and shadows against the usual natural surroundings. Most cemeteries have trees and vegetation other than what people leave at their dearly departed loved ones gravestones as a mark of their remembrance. Autumn is a perfect time to capture nature’s golden hues against such a peaceful setting.


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