Claire: Accoustic

I had the chance to work with Claire Cameron again about a week ago. She was the first model that I had the privilege to work with when I first took my photography more professional and started doing portrait work.

This was the first time that we’d worked in the studio together as we’ve always done on location shoots before. So it was an interesting new dimension.  We focused more on her music for this shoot, creating more music promo styled shots. Which I have to say I’m very pleased with.

Mairi (back in the studio)

After the last shoot that I did with Mairi it wasn’t hard to persuade her to get back in to the studio to do another shoot.

We worked on some high key shots this time round and played around with different lighting styles. Got some pretty funky shots to add to my portfolio.


This was my first shoot with model Philippa, my aim was for a more fashion styled shoot on this occasion.

I feel that the shoot went well although it had been a very long day as I had another shoot that morning with a different model before Philippa. The earlier shoot did not go to plan as the model did not turn up, but another model that I have worked with recently stepped in at the last minute to save the day. So all in all I have a productive day in the studio.

One thing that I have learned, never again am I doing two model shoots in the same day, especially without any help. As it was very tiring, it was fun but was glad to get home. Then realising you have twice as many photos to look over, and trying to finish within the same timescale for both models. Thank god the first model wasn’t in a rush for her shots that’s all I can say. I definitely need to plan my time more realistically if I’m to do multiple shoots in one day.

Lisa Masson

I had the opportunity last week to work with Lisa, a model that I met through Purestorm, which is a modelling website for models and photographers alike.

This was one of Lisa’s first modelling shoots, for being new to modelling she was a delight to work with. She was very relaxed, easy going and professional. Working with new models can always be daunting for both the model and the photographer as you don’t know how the other works. The shoot was very enjoyable and went like clockwork.



For awhile my friend Mairi had agreed to do a shoot with me. Eventually we got around to getting into the studio.It was a cool shoot, Mairi brought her own punky edge to this photoshoot, which I knew that she would.

Glamour: Nikki

I can’t resist taking photos of Nikki, I’m lucky that I have a girlfriend that will happily pose for me whenever.Anyway when we were messing around with the camera the other week she allowed me to take some glamour styled shots that I could use on my portfolio.

The one that thing I love about doing shoots with Nikki is that there is very little editing after the shots having been taken. You can’t perfect on beauty, all I need to do is point and shoot and it captures her beauty effortlessly. Yes I know I’m biased because she’s my girlfriend, but I don’t care, you can’t argue that she isn’t a vision of real natural beauty.