Dandeion Timeclocks

On a typical Sunday trip to the in-laws back in May. One of those days where we actually thought we might get some summer weather this year I had decided to take my camera with me and capture some photos along the way.

Haven’t had a lot of time lately to collate all the photos that I have taken recently from my various mini photo excursions. Thought it was about time that I should post these one up, only 2 months late.

Anyway the May sunshine highlighted the beauty of the surrounding plant life, encouraging me to capture some of it. Although Dandelions are weeds I still think that they look quite nice especially when they mature into the spherical seed heads that you can see in my shots above.

As I develop my photography I am finding that I quite enjoy botanical photography. As much as enjoying photography other subjects, there is a relaxation quality to this subject.

I do think there are probably very few subjects that I would get bored photographing if I’m honest. Some subjects seem to suit different moods.


Continuing on from the previous blog entry about the Sheffield Botanical Gardens. I managed to get lots of shots of various flowers and plants. This isn’t normally my favourite subject to photograph, although there were so many different colours and shapes that captured my interest in the summer sun.

These red flowers I will be honest I have no idea what they are or what they are called. I loved the contrast of the deep red against the yellows and greens.

This yellow flower caught my eye, the pure intensity of the colours in the gardens were amazing. Would be a great location to go back to for a portrait shoot as well.

Just looking back at these photos taken back in July reminds me of the hot sunny weather and makes me feel all summery again. I’m sure the winter season will bring lots of photographic opportunities and inspiration my way, I do still prefer summer.

This one flower I did manage to find out the name of “Globe Thistle” intrigued me. I captured various shots of these flowers. There are some more to be posted in the third and final post to come in this series. Where I have captured them with some of the wildlife.

I have uploaded some of these shots to the online store so they can be purchased as prints. They should be published to purchased within the next 12 hours.

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