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St Machar Cathedral

[St Machar Cathedral, Aberdeen, Scotland] On our recent trip up to Aberdeen to visit family and friends we took some timeout to visit St Machar Cathedral, which is located in the old town of the city. In all my years growing up in Aberdeen I have never been to St Machar Cathedral before even though it is the church where my parents got married.

White Christmas

[Bucksburn, Aberdeen]
So we woke up on this morning to a white Christmas, which wasn’t a great surprise as we’ve had snowfall right up to Christmas. After the customary opening of presents it was time to venture outside to explore our winter landscape.
One of the best places to take in the beauty of this winter wonderland is on the nearby farmland. The fields provide an excellent natural backdrop.

Winter Wonderland

[Bucksburn, Aberdeen]
Its that time of year again, winter is setting in and its coming up to Christmas. Like most winter’s in the north-east of Scotland we have been hit by heavy snowfall, which looks like it may last until Christmas. Some places around Scotland have been hit with temperatures as low as –20c. I believe the lowest temperatures that we have seen this year so far here in Aberdeen are –16c.

I thought that I would brace the cold weather and venture out in the snow to get some winter themed photos. The snow always looks so much better when in the countryside and makes for much better wintery scenes. It’s not the same in town or urban areas, you don’t get to see the whole beauty of nature in it natural surroundings. Luckily I don’t have to venture too far to see some countryside. I have always thought that I am very lucky that where I live at the moment I am only a few minutes walk away from farmland and countryside. As much as I am not a big fan of snow or more importantly being that cold that I can’t feel my fingers. You can’t deny that in the right environment it makes for some beautiful views.

With a little bit of patience I got to capture my favourite part of the day, sunset. Casting its glow over the snow covered landscape. The contrast of the fire blazed sunset boldly stands out against the frozen blues and whites of the snow covered fields. Resulting in some beautiful wintery shots to add to my portfolio. Nature never fails to inspire me with its beauty.

Back to Nature

I decided that it was about time that I got outside and took more photos. It’s been a little while since I last did any proper nature shots. Although I live in a city I am surround by farmland less than a 2 minute walk from my door. So thought I should take advantage of that.RuralPrint09Ok so I did venture a little further than a 2 minute walk from my door for these shots. I walked up to the farmland near to where Newhills Church is. You can get quite a good vantage point from up there looking of the community. It is also quite peaceful as well. Although I do live in the city I forget how fortunate I am to live so near to countryside. Within minutes I can find myself submerged in nature, farmland and the beauty that those surroundings bring with it.RuralPrint010It is this beauty that brought me to photography and to a renewed view on life. A reminder not to take your surroundings for granted, in fact don’t take life for granted. We should all take at least a minute every so often to take in the beauty that is all around us.

The Big Freeze


[Bucksburn, Aberdeen]
I have not done much photography this year so far for one reason and another. Although I have not done any portrait shoots this year yet, I did go out and do some location shoots when we had all the snow back in January.

I only got round to finishing off the shots a couple of weeks ago, thought it was about time I post at least one of them up on here. Got a few shots taken before I gave in to the cold and ventured back to the warmth of my house. As much as I don’t like the snow it is pretty to look at, shame it has to be so cold. Would have liked to explore further to get more snowy shots, but alas snow, being cold and myself don’t mix.

I have edited the original shot of the same scene above, although I can’t decide which I like better. I think I prefer the second shot, which is the one that I edited to give a darker effect.