Beach Huts

The last instalment from our seaside adventure 3 weeks ago, which seems like a lifetime ago, especially now as we look like we’re about to go into another national lockdown.

Beach huts, is this just an English seaside thing? As I’ve never known of these in Scotland, least not on the east coast.

Even on a dull wet day the brightly painted huts added a cheerful splash of colour. I’m sure photos of brightly painted beach huts such as these have been photographed time & time again (and much better shots than the few that I have captured). Had the weather been better I may have stuck around longer to take some more artistic shots. I have since seen an amazing black & white shot of some beach huts similar to these by photographer Sean Mills which has inspired me for the next time I have the opportunity to photograph seaside beach huts.

North Bay

The next instalment from our trip to the seaside….

In the space of a few hours I watched Scarborough’s North Bay change from dramatic stormy silhouettes with crashing waves & rolling tides to a tranquil autumn seaside scene. The bay looked so completely different once the storm had passed. As much as I enjoyed capturing shots of the rainstorm the return of the blue skies were very much welcomed.

The Sea

Following on from my last post, here are some more shots from our recent trip to the seaside (Scarborough, North Yorkshire). The rain eventually eased off momentarily and some blue skies managed to sneak through the clouds. Even with the smallest change in natural light as the clouds started to clear and the rain stopped, it changed the look of the bay, I guess you’d say it showed it in a new light.

My first shot of the tide coming in I think is my favourite out of this small selection. I still have a few more shots of the bay after the rain cleared, which I’m holding back for another post.

Stormy Seaside

Last weekend we managed to escape to the seaside for a few days, our first proper holiday since the COVID pandemic and lockdowns hit the UK. We had hoped to heading up to Scotland to visit family with our 2 weeks off but the new COVID restrictions put paid to that. So we decided to head to the coast for a few days instead. After some careful consideration of where would be a safe travel destination we finally decided on Scarborough on the North Yorkshire coast being as it was only a couple of hours drive away.

October probably isn’t the best time in the UK to be going to the seaside. Typically for the time of year it rained off and on for most of the weekend, but we didn’t let the rain stop us exploring (raincoats, and bucket & spades were at the ready). We enjoyed our stay regardless of the weather, it was a much needed break for us.

The above photos were taken of the tide coming in on North Bay during heavy rain fall, sadly I didn’t manage to capture any decent shots of the waves crashing against beach walls. It has been a little while since I have taken any seascape photographs, so these aren’t my best work as I’m a little out of practise. The visual effect of the rain storm coming in to land from the sea looked impressive and moody, which I’m not sure I did the scene justice with these shots.

Most of the photos taken during this visit to Scarborough are of the beach, I’m saving some of my other shots for another post(s)…so stay tuned.

Damflask Reservoir

At the moment here in England COVID-19 lockdown restrictions have been eased slightly. Allowing us to travel a little further to exercise, as long as we all continue to social distance. So yesterday was the first time since lockdown began in the UK (23rd March 2020) that we have ventured further than our local parks for a walk and take in some fresh air.

As I had already booked the Bank-Holiday Monday as annual leave we decided to visit Damflask Reservoir, which is situated in the Loxely valley of Sheffield.  Unlike most bank holidays we were treated to great weather (the world clearly has gone mad lol). We definitely managed to get some exercise. I think was the furthest that we have walked in one outing during lockdown so far.

Damflask is another one of these places that is practically on our doorstep that neither my wife or I have visited before. Definitely worth a return visit at some time in the future.

Considering the current social distancing and the hot weather that we had yesterday the reservoir and surrounding woods wasn’t overly busy. People were definitely doing their best to social distance unlike further down south if we are to believe the stories reported in the news.