Last week I had a shoot with a new model called Corinna, who is new to modelling but wanted some shots done.

This shoot was one of the most fun shoots I’ve done to date so far. Though have to say it didn’t really feel like a shoot. Think because there was a natural flow of conversation. Also the shoot kind of turned in to a drinking session thanks to Corinna finding a bottle of Jack. Thanks…lol. Yes not very professional I know, but it was a laugh.

We did manage stay sober enough to get some great shots. Think I owe her a bottle jack lol. Looking forward to us doing another shoot, though maybe without jack.

Claire: Indian Shoot

I had the opportunity to work with Claire.C again, the first model that I had worked with. Since our first shoot had went so well and she had seen other shoots that I had done since working with her last she wanted to do a second shoot with me.Think we planned things a bit more for this shoot, so wasn’t as go with the flow as our first shoot had been. We had a bit more of a plan what we wanted to achieve. We had decided on doing a Indian theme (as in Cowboys and Indians).

Claire picked the location for the shoot, Dunottar woods, she could not have picked a better location if she had tried. As it was ideal for the theme we had picked. Plus it’s just an awesome location, I never knew it existed and definitely want to do another shoot there sometime with a model but also some nature shots.

Thankfully we got great weather again for the outdoor shoot. We did two costume changes one more casual before doing the Indian themed shots.

It was another great shoot, and as always Claire makes her shoot so effortless and we got some amazing shots though I do say so myself.

Gothic Angel


I had my first proper model shoot on Wednesday with Claire, I was so nervous. Partly because it was my first model shoot, but also because I had never met Claire before. I’m not the best when it comes to meeting new people.I had looked at Claire’s website before we worked together when we were arranging her shoot. She seemed really professional, which on the one hand was great, but on the other it made me worry that she would be too professional for someone just starting out like myself. That she would think that my photography was not good enough. Anyway I had decided that we would do an outdoor shoot, that way it was relaxed for both of us. We had both decided that we would do the shoot at the Duthie Park as it was easy to get to and would provide us with some interesting backdrops for the shoot.

I should not have worried at all, she was one of the most down-to-earth people that I have ever met. She made my first model shoot seem so effortless. She was very professional but very friendly at the same time. She came prepared with a few outfit changes which made it easy to try different styles. Although I didn’t have to give much direction she was willing to listen to my ideas as well as in put her own.

Luckily we got good weather on the day for an outdoor shoot. One beauty of the Duthie Park is that its so big and so many different features it made coming up with new ideas for shots and styles easy. We also made use of the indoor winter gardens as well. We managed to achieve a few different styles that worked quite well together.

For my very first model shoot I have to say that it went very well, though I do say so myself. I am very pleased with the shots that I got from it, they will add nicely to my portfolio. If I ever doubted myself that I could do this, then this is the proof that I can make my photography work and that it is appreciated by other people and not just myself.

I definitely would like to work with Claire again sometime on future shoots. Hopefully this is the start of many portrait shoots to come.

Brig of Feugh

Banff Coastline

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